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Antique Tibetan Buddha walking shrine/prayer box

Antique Tibetan Buddha walking shrine/prayer box

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*A large antique Tibetan Buddha shrine or prayer box (also known as Gau) which encases a painted terracotta Buddha figure, (all wrapped in a hand embroidered quilted silk brocade). This was used as traveling shrine and carried on one's person when away from home. Beginning with the “om” written on the left hand side of this traveling shrine, an itinerant Tibetan monk once traced his fingers clockwise over the embossed characters. As he did this, he recited "om ma ni padh mey hum," the universal Tibetan Buddhist prayer for the well-being of all sentient beings. Known as a Gau, this portable shrine was used for prayer during travels or pilgrimages to hold sacred objects that offered protective powers. The copper and Tibetan silver (an alloy of copper and small amounts of silver). Gau is further empowered by an image of a fearsome guardian figure and a representation of the victory banner, an ancient Indian symbol that celebrates enlightenment. This is a wonderful spiritual piece.

size: W33cm x H38cm x D10cm


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