Everything is Sacred. Everything is Confetti.

veronica annan

I grew up in New Zealand between the city and the beach. My family was large and rambunctious. The little girl in me never thought she would leave the safe haven of this close-nit world. However, my soul had other plans. At 20, I moved to Japan where I immersed myself in its visually remarkable culture, then continued to travel, following the hum of the earth, finally making London my home. 

From this ordinary beginning, to now having a wanderlust for travel, I see home as a global place. Home for me includes the chaos and glitter of the urban jungle, the casual and comfortable of the caravan parks, the freedom and escape of the hedonistic beaches, and the humble and human of the holy ashrams.

My desire to create comes from the excitement when I see a flicker of colour from the corner of my eye, from finding inspiration in something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, and even harnessing the possibility of the ridiculous and taking it on a wild journey. 

My goal is to be present in the physical world I live while staying true to my deep-seated spirituality and then throwing it together with light-hearted humour…. confetti.

photo of Veronica, founder of sacred confetti

debbie oakes

Although I am a Kiwi, at this point I have spent many more years roaming the globe than I spent living in New Zealand. Nevertheless, I still have the vowel-adverse accent and grounded easygoing attitude to life to prove it! I also credit the mountainous, virgin rain-forested lands of my birth for deep love of nature. (Nature is one of the main protagonists in most Kiwis' childhood stories).

Perhaps inspired by the stories of my immigrant family (Mum and Grandma from the UK, and Greek grandparents on Dad's side), I couldn't wait to grow wings and explore. When people would ask, 'What do you want to do when you grow up?' I immediately knew the answer: travel. And travel I did. I have lived in Australia, Japan, Thailand, Italy and now the UK. Naturally, I loved talking about it, and became a lifestyle and travel writer. My passion for storytelling has taken me around the globe, allowing me to meet extraordinary people, savour diverse cuisines, and forge lifelong connections. My work has been featured in renowned international publications.

I am a poet, celebrant, and dedicated seeker. My lifelong quest for spiritual understanding started with a degree in Comparative Religion and has led me to meditating in ashrams in the Himalayas to exploring the temples of Japan and study Kabbalah.

Through Sacred Confetti, I aim to share my adventures, insights, and the beautiful confetti of life and love encountered on the way.


sacred confetti

sacred confetti Life is a paradox. Every fragment of your life, every interaction, is like confetti. Every moment holds the potential within it for beauty and meaning. Sacred Confetti represents the idea that the divine can be found equally in the mundane as well as the sacred. That life's seemingly insignificant details can be imbued with spiritual significance, while transient and impermanent. Sacred Confetti celebrates life's complexity and simplicity

sacred Everything is connected. Every element, from the smallest particle to the grandest galaxy, is woven into a complex, holistic web where everything still has significance. Recognising the sacred, you acknowledge the value of all things, and understand that the actions and wellbeing of one impacts everything.

confetti Traditionally thrown during celebrations to add a party atmosphere. Confetti comes in various shapes, sizes, and colours. The term originates from the Italian word for confectionery sweets, historically thrown during weddings, carnivals and celebrations. To us, confetti symbolises fun, celebration, and the understanding that, with the right mindset, life can be a series of ordinary moments whose significance can be found in following your excitement.


sacred confetti written on arms with glitter