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antique wooden hanuman shrine/altar

antique wooden hanuman shrine/altar

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antique wooden hanuman shrine/altar

*hanuman is revered as a sacred figure in Hinduism for his unwavering devotion, immense strength, and selfless service to Lord Rama, exemplifying qualities of loyalty, courage, and humility.

includes place for 2  x incense and small ceremonial candle 

size: H 31.5cm x W27cm x D21cm

* decorated with coloured holi powder: 

drawing inspiration from the festive traditions of "The Festival of Color" in India, this unique powder, influenced by the timeless love of Krishna and Radha, enhances the ambiance of your shrine/altar with its vibrant colours and adds a touch of joy, love, and happiness to your sacred space. The ritualistic application of colours may also be seen as a form of devotion and a way to invite positive energy into your sacred space.

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