Fear will make you stingy.” 
Kenneth Copeland

Stinginess is a reluctance to share what you have and who you are through fear of loss. A scarcity mindset is stuck in the belief that there is not enough to go around - and an inability to see the abundance that exists in the world. Stinginess also withholds of love and support - a self-perpetuating limitation that prevents you from experiencing the joy of giving, the richness of connection, and abundance that flows from an open heart. If you have pulled the card Stinginess, it encourages you to trust in the Universe's provision and balance the management of your resources with acts of giving and generosity. If you are allowing someone to be stingy with you it is a good time to remind yourself of all you so richly deserve.

Stinginess Mantra: I find richness in giving and abundance in sharing, letting go of a scarcity mindset.