“Many scientific and scholarly disciplines are slowly coming around to the idea that consciousness is far more important than previously imagined. This shift of opinion, combined with the idea that reality is a form of information, provides a renewed appreciation of ancient esoteric legends about magic. If we can get past the supernatural connotations, the religious figures in prohibitions, and the occult baggage, then through the scientific study of magic we have the potential to make rapid progress and gain a better understanding of who and what we are. If we can’t escape or pass, then we may be running headlong into extinction.

Magic is real.

Let’s deal with it.”  Dean Radin, Real Magic

This card is an invitation to knock on the door that stands between the seen and the unseen, the known and the mysterious, the ordinary and extraordinary - your unconscious and conscious mind.  Magic, the art of transforming reality through the power of belief and intention, is calling you. You have the ability to weave enchantment into everyday moments through mindfulness, and to manifest your desires through unwavering faith. Magic is not about conjuring tricks or manipulating others (God forbid), it is about transforming your own inner landscape to create a world where miracles are not illusions but external expressions of your intent. This card is a call to discover the interplay between you, and the mysterious forces that shape your reality.

Magic Mantra I weave enchantment and miracles into my life with my beliefs and intention.