"People can be cruel, and they will be. People can be kind, and they will be. What will you be?"
Maya Angelou

Cruelty is a complete lack of empathy and compassion. It is the wilful infliction of pain and suffering on others, without regard for their feelings or well-being. It is darkness within the human heart, and a manifestation of ego that seeks to control and dominate others. The card Cruelty challenges you to confront your shadows and cultivate a heart filled with empathy and love, for it is often through acts of compassion that we transform the darkness within. It also asks you to think about ways in which you are being unkind or cruel to yourself. Time to love yourself baby! Or - is someone being cruel to you or those around you? Stand up for the underdog! Especially if that underdog is you. You are no-one’s bitch.

Cruelty Mantra: I stand up against cruelty and choose kindness and love.