“If you disrespect anybody that you run into

How do you think anybody's

Supposed to respect you?

If you lay the blame and complain

You'll only stay the same

It's a whole lot of rooms in this house

Ain't no room for shame

To my people on the front porch, front page

Full of rage

Reaching through the bars of your cage

Now look inside cause the pride of the tribe

Is crying for change

Respect yourself

Respect yourself respect yourself

Respect yourself” Lyrics by Melissa Etheridge

Respect is acknowledgment of the inherent worth and dignity of every living being. It is the cornerstone of both healthy personal relationships as well as social cohesion. It fosters understanding and empathy. Respect is a fundamental principle of human interaction. This card is, of course, an invitation to honour the sacred in each person and the world around you. It is a call to acknowledge the sacred in yourself. To ask yourself, are there any situations in your life where you are being disrespected? Are there people around you that do not treat you as you deserve? Alternatively, are you offering the respect everyone deserves? If so, and if not - respect yourself enough to leave that behind.

Respect Mantra: I honour the sacred in myself. In honouring the sacred in myself I respect all beings with empathy, understanding, and dignity.