“We're the song that's out of tune, full of beautiful mistakes 

And everywhere we go, 

The sun will always shine

The sun will always, always, shine

But tomorrow we might awake on the other side

'Cause we are beautiful no matter what they say

Yes words won't bring us down, no

We are beautiful in every single way”

Christina Aguilera. Beautiful, Song Lyrics

This card is a call to dust off your inner sequins and sparkle like a bauble on Christmas Eve. Not just by being the visual delight you surely are, but by letting the spark of your soul set your eyes on fire. Take some time to sit with yourself. Meditate, walk, go out on an ‘artists date’ with yourself (if you haven’t read The Artists’ Way by Julia Cameron - you should do that too). Find that inner connection that enables you to fearlessly express your inner sparkle!

Sparkle Mantra: My inner light shines, revealing my vibrant, authentic self that sparkles.