I think we have to be not so afraid of scarcity. We have to be willing to give away all things.” Sharon Stone

Scarcity is a lack of resources or material possessions and the belief that there is not enough to go around. It is the fear of deprivation, the mindset that there is not enough love, success, or happiness for everyone. Scarcity is an illusion that limits our abundance. It is the source of greed, competition, and conflict. It’s opposite - abundance - comes from a belief in our own worth, in an abundant universe, and in our ability to create what we need. If you have pulled the Scarcity card it is a challenge to shift your perspective from what we lack to what you have. To recognise through gratitude and contentment you will find a wealth of inner peace.

Scarcity Mantra: I recognise my own worth and power to create, manifesting abundance in my life.