About us

     Everything is Sacred. Everything is Confetti.

sacred confetti

sacred, everything that is spiritual that guides our life, that is unseen but always present. A knowing of our soul.

confetti, everything that makes up our life on a physical level. A celebration of our senses.

sacred confetti joins these two elements, creating a place for the spiritual and physical to play. 

sacred confetti written on arms with glitter


veronica annan

I grew up in New Zealand between a city and beach life in a large and rambunctious family. The little girl in me never thought she would leave the safe haven of this world. My soul had other plans. At 20, I moved to Japan where I immersed myself in its visually remarkable culture, then continued to travel, following the hum of the earth, finally making London my home. 

From this ordinary beginning, to now having a wanderlust for travel, I see home as a global place. Home for me includes the chaos and glitter of the urban jungle, the casual and comfortable of the caravan parks, the freedom and escape of the hedonistic beaches, and the humble and human of the holy ashrams.

My desire to create comes from the excitement when I see a flicker of colour from the corner of my eye, from finding inspiration in something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, and even harnessing the possibility of the ridiculous and taking it on a wild journey. 

My goal is to be present in the physical world I live while staying true to my deep-seated spirituality and then throwing it together with light-hearted humour…. confetti.

photo of Veronica, founder of sacred confetti